Kangol Bucket
Retro Logo Rain Hat
Brown Houndstooth Check


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100% Authentic Womens/Ladies Original Kangol Hat Company  Retro-Logo Womens/Misses Bucket Hat  in size (Medium)!

This Womens Original Kangol “Check Bucket” Houndstooth Check Bucket/Hat is RARE and in perfect condition. Comes in the great Crisp Light Brown Houndstootch Check colorway with a Fully-Sewn Kangol logo on the right side of the hat. Long-wearing brown check cotton blend with offsetting inside colorway!

Checks are the soon-to-be definitive answer to the question you have yet to ask but are going to eventually. Summer is just around the corner, so start thinking about it but don’t think too hard because, as aforementioned, the answer is right The Check Bucket is that answer and all subsequent questions are just idle inquiries. And as far as warm weather wear goes, the Check looks chic, almost too chic for the summer. ‘Check chic’ too, that’s the chicest of all chics.

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Weight .50 lbs